Entry #3

Power of Three!

2009-05-19 20:20:47 by MSXOmega

Yay, so I finally have a team for the Power of Three event! I'm stoked! :D Can't wait to start working on the game. :)

It's me (music), drengor (programming), and rbberduckie (art). It's gonna be awesome, I promise!

EDIT: We decided not to go through with it a long time ago. Sorry for the disappointment.


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2009-11-24 22:44:41

I look foward to it.
the reasons why People hate FL studio.....
>>Noobs>>Too Midizedsongs>>>Crappy togetehr>>>Free>>>If you buy it you dont get much beefits otehr than saving.

FL Studio 8 is a Great Music making program, people just need to learn how to tweak it to get taht proffesional Sound,

For an example You can check out my Realm of teh heavens, which was made in FL studio 8 :D.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/288332

I really hope that this song would be great just like you said! I like your music alot! ^_^!


2009-12-02 00:41:46

Dude, your new song, Syncrome, I came to it.
(no not literally, but you get the idea) :P


2011-09-23 19:00:44

you make some seriously great music man! keep it up!

also, great profile pic. did you make it?