Power of Three!

2009-05-19 20:20:47 by MSXOmega

Yay, so I finally have a team for the Power of Three event! I'm stoked! :D Can't wait to start working on the game. :)

It's me (music), drengor (programming), and rbberduckie (art). It's gonna be awesome, I promise!

EDIT: We decided not to go through with it a long time ago. Sorry for the disappointment.

Uploading some more stuff

2009-02-23 22:36:06 by MSXOmega

Ok, so apparently people want me to keep posting songs, so I guess I'll just uploading some more. :P

Moving to Soundclick

2009-02-04 16:38:42 by MSXOmega

Yeah, I'm moving my stuff to Soundclick. Newgrounds has been great, but it's time to move on. I'm not gonna upload anymore to here, but if you want to hear my new tunes go here.